Taxi Casablanca

Taxi Casablanca

Do you need a taxi in Casablanca? At first let me explain how it works with the taxis at Casablanca. At Casablanca there are two types of taxis. Big taxis („grande taxis“) and small or little taxis („petite taxis“). With the big taxis you can go from one place from A to B. There are often a lot of people who share the same taxi ride (in Germany/ Europe there where the first experiments with taxi sharing – but it didnt work well) to this place where the big one goes. In fact traveling with a lot of other people in the same taxi, the taxi ride will be sheaper. Little Red Taxis from Casablanca. There are also little red taxis from Casablanca. They have a different taxiprice, so you try to get them when you traveling alone.

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